Saline Tattoo Removal

Professional tattoo removal to swiftly get rid of unwanted microblading, and permanent makeup
Saline tattoo removal is price per session $175


Eyeliner & Eyebrow Correction - Can badly tattooed eyebrows & eyeliner be fixed? In most cases they can. Badly shaped brows and unnatural colours can be reworked and brought back to a natural look with the use of corrective pigments and removal solutions that fade or remove old pigment. 

Our cosmetic beauty experts specialise in cosmetic tattoo removal, allowing you the freedom to change your look without painful and lengthy procedures.

What is Saline Tattoo Removal?

Saline Tattoo Removal is a natural approach to tattoo removal. It is the least invasive and less painful form of tattoo removal. A natural saline solution called Li-FT is used, the solution is implanted with a machine over existing permanent makeup or small tattoos. Implanting the solution into the skin breaks up the healed pigment. This process lifts the pigment out of the skin via osmosis. As pigment rises to the surface, a scab will form, and will fall off as the removal area heals, thus revealing a lightened tattoo.

What Tattoos can be removed?

Who is a good candidate for Tattoo Removal?

If you have permanent makeup of a small tattoo that has discoloured or that you're not happy with Saline Tattoo Removal can help you regain your confidence!

See our FAQS page for more information onhow to get permanent eyebrows removed, or contact our cosmetic tattoo removal specialists to book your treatment today.

How many sessions are needed?

There are different factors that contribute to how many sessions are needed. In some cases, one session can remove a tattoo, but in most cases a few sessions are required for complete removal. After your first session, we will have a better idea of how many sessions are needed.

Factors that contribute to the need for multiple sessions:

  • What type of pigment is to be removed

  • How recent the tattoo was done

  • How deep the pigment was implanted

  • How saturated the pigment is

  • What part of the body the tattoo is on

  • How sensitive the skin is

  • How well the skin heals

  • How well the aftercare instructions are followed

  • How much pigment is to be removed

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