Disposable pigment ring cup holder

100pcs disposable pigment ring cup holder 

Material: Plastic

Packing: 100pcs microblading pigment ring cup/bag


1) microblading pigment ring cup for tattoo pigment/ink
(2)These can be used for make-up colours as well
(3) permanent makeup ink cup for tattoo pigment/ink
(4)These are the perfect size for most tattoo's
Tattoo Ink Pigment Cups Caps
* 11mm small ink cups
* Superior-quality, Durable and excellent for use
* Professional tools for tattoo or Eyelash Extension
* Perfect for used to hold pigment or ink for tattoo
* Used for either eyelash extension glue, primer, gel remover or permanent make-up pigments.
* Perfect for tattoo studio exercises OR Home use
Fully disposable accessories provide hygienic environment and safe application.

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