MAST Pro needle cartridges

Needle Size

20 x needles per box 

Custom and tested by loads of tattoo artists.

Needles made by 304L, polished by automatic machine that ensures tattooing is smoother. Consummate colored texture, Complete Ethylene oxide disinfection, disposable single use. Strict quality and consistency control,Smooth and free of impurities. Every detail of shell makes for extreme comfort. Perfectly matches with needles and shell,high-stability,smooth unhindered ink flow. Advanced visual optimization tube,key-head shape of the shell side, to the tip,right angels at all four sides,reduce the distortion and refraction of spherical lens, 4 thickened bars ensured the high strength of durability,close to 200 rebound force with toughness.

0801RLT means 0.25mm 1RLT
0803RLT means 0.25mm 3RLT
1001RLT means 0.30mm 1RLT
1001RLT means 0.30mm 3RLT
1201RLT means 0.35mm 1RLT

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